A Home For EveryOne

What Is A Home For EveryOne?

We are a nonprofit organization aimed at accomplishing two goals:

*Helping Low Income Families Buy Their First Home

*Building A Children’s Ranch

Families that need assistance would come to our agency. We would gauge their need of assistance by their family size & income. We would determine how it would be best for us to assist them. The assistance possibilities available are:

1. Job Assistance:

Helping the adults in the home find a job(s) that would meet the family’s needs.

2. Continuing Education Assistance For The Adults:

We would assist the adults in the home in getting some higher education to increase their ability to work in a higher paying job(s). If need be we will also assist them in getting their GED as well.

3. Money Management Training:

We will provide the adults with training to better manage their funds.

4. Home Improvement:

If the family is in need we will try to purchase the property from the landlord & if unavailable, we will find a more suitable location that will fit the family’s needs. If the home is in need of repair to adequately meet the family needs then we will help to repair the home as well & if need be we will also help with the furnishing of the inside of the home.

5. Vehicle Improvement:

If the family lacks a dependable vehicle, we will assist in locating a very dependable low cost vehicle, through the use of a used car dealer buying on our behalf for a small fee from automobile auctions.

6. Family Therapy:

We will put Mom & Dad in Marriage Family Therapy. We will also put the entire family in therapy as a whole to work out family issues. If we see that a child or adult needs individual therapy we will also assist with putting them in their own one on one therapy sessions as well.

7. Tutoring Sessions:

For those children that are in K-12 grade, if they are making less than a B- we will assist them in getting tutoring sessions.

8. Continuing Education Assistance For The Children:

When the children graduate from high school we will assist them in continuing their education in getting their college degree.

The bottom line:

We don’t just assist the families with making a home but we assist them in changing their family’s generation to come. We assist the parents in making good healthy homes. Long term we assist in the helping of making our nation stronger again.

Because we do NOT just give them a fish!!! We teach them how to fish!!!

The Children’s Ranch “A Family For Every Child”:

The children’s ranch would be built in conjunction with an existing children’s home. The children’s home takes in children that have lived their early lives in poverty, abuse & neglect. The ranch expansion would allow for more children whose needs are not being met to be placed in an environment where they can be nurtured & given the opportunity to better their circumstances & to become productive adults. The Ranch “A Family For Every Child” will provide a safe atmosphere for the children to feel secure & to get assistance for meeting their basic needs, & to be taught what it means to have a good healthy family support structure, & they will also get individual case management services. The staff specializes in helping children with their development, & to integrating them into a functional family setting. We will be able to offer a nurturing, structured environment for children. Our team is ready & able to assist children to develop essential living skills, academic & social skills, involvement with successful role models, measure their interests, aptitudes, & to help them to learn life skills. We are all about restoring children’s lives & giving hope to families that feel like they have none & to integrate those families & children back into communities to build a new stronger USA.

We work for the bettering of the overall development of the child, helping them become responsible & resilient to get them through lives many ups & downs.

Here, coaching & mentoring go a long way toward building good old fashion healthy family values. Help us encourage & to facilitate good old fashion family preservation!!! Help us to build a wiser & stronger generation to come.

At A Home For EveryOne we believe every child deserves a good healthy family.

For those children that are not born into one, we want to show them what a good healthy family is. So that means you have the opportunity to be a part of helping those children break those chains. Because of your financial support that means some day those children will make good healthy families of their own. If you have any questions or need any additional information PLEASE feel free to Contact Us any time!!!

Thank You For Your Time, Your Interest, & Your Generosity In Helping Our Dream To Help Other’s Come True!!!


                    A Home For EveryOne